Want to travel with dylan? 

This July I will be randomly selecting one person to meet me in a city so long as they complete my 30-Day - Goal Challenge. As long as you complete your personal goals and stay active with the challenge you could win the free flight. 

Deadline to submit your goals is July 6th,by 12am


  • Decide on 3 SMART goals(1 Mind Goal,  1 Body Goal, and  1 Spirit Goal )
  •  Set up a 10m call with me to talk over your goals to ensure they are they feasible, challenging and fair
  • Join the Facebook group where all the participants will be able to share resources, keep in contact with me and keep each other motivated
  • Record a video mid-way through, about WHY you want to become the best version of yourself through this 30-Day challenge and WHY you want to travelwith_dylan


Why am i doing this?

~ to inspire you to live life with more free spirit  

~ to motivate you to achieve 3 personal goals

~to challenge you to become the best version of yourself

~ to reward you with an unforgettable experience

My goals 

  •  1 Mind Goal - Read Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets and the 12 week year 

  • 1 Body Goal - Gain 5+ Lbs 

  • 1 Spirit Goal - 20m of meditation every day and daily journal