Dylan Nunn | Creative and driven by social impact

I facilitate experiences that benefit the human condition, the environment, and the community.



About Me 

Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, Dylan Nunn, is an eclectic campaigner for positive passion by inspiring meaningful thought and unexpected action that is outside of the daily routine.  
Armed with a contagious energy and a keen ability to understand life through other peoples eyes, Dylan strives to provide opportunities for those he surrounds himself with.

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The communities we're building

Mettā Creative is a nightlife community focused on teaching, generating awareness and funding social impact through interactive events.  Since November 2016,   Gavin Pomerantz and I have thrown events in Belize, Australia, Washington DC, Boston and New York.  Each event has benefited a non-profit or forward thinking organization. 

 MealTribes is a one-of-a-kind potluck dinner club hosted in various homes around the Washington DC area.Come alone or with a friend, but leave feeling connected. The concept is not a new one.  Humans have been naturally forming tribes to share food + ideas (...and survive) for tens of thousands of years. But in recent history, we've lost that feeling. MealTribes was created to help us get back to our roots of what makes us feel alive and human: eating together, connecting with new people, and sharing new ideas - right in peoples' homes. 

Core Beliefs





~Wake up and get after it 




Never stop exploring 

~ It's the best way to learn 




Getting lost will give you direction

~adapt quickly and problem solve