Deep Work

How eliminating distractions helps us achieve an enlightened mindset.

Stop! By the time you’ve finished reading these few sentences you’ve probably gotten a notification on your phone. Someone has just liked a post you put up, sent you a snapchat or invited you to an event you're not interested in. These constant notifications are causing a sense of urgency to life and giving someone else control of our valuable time.

M2M Tip: Distract yourself from this post for 2min. To pick up your phone and turn off email notifications, turn off app notifications ( requests on FB, Likes on Instagram ect.)
Set aside time when you can batch your focus,  on FB,  Instagram, SnapChat ect. for a certain amount everyday. This means giving yourself only 20 minutes a day to scroll through Instagram.
Do not Disturb function is my favorite-- You will still receive the messages and notifications however your phone won’t vibrate or make a sound when you get them

I know this is hard guys but trust me, ask yourself the question "what’s the worse that could happen if you don’t respond to something right away!?"

    Deep work is a state of highly focused distraction free productivity. It is the ability to focus cognitively demanding tasks. The best thing about deep work is that it gets easier the more we practice it!

According to Cal Newport who wrote “Deep Work: Rules for focused Success in a distracted world” One hour of deep work can be worth 5 hours of shallow distracted work. Imagine how much more rewarding it would be to complete tasks faster and of higher quality.

The High Quality Production Formula

Quality of work produced= Time spent X Intensity of Focus

Recognize that if we have issues or are not comfortable getting into the mind state of deep work we will not be able reach our peak levels of human performance.  A great quote from Tony Robbins, an ultra successful life coach is “Where focus goes, energy flows”.

  Feed your flows

Starve your distractions and feed your focus

                It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless stream of data roaring through us that we lose time for self reflection and mindfulness. I am absolutely guilty of this. So doing “things” and reacting to things that are happening constantly is natural, the less things that are there to distract us the easier it becomes to practice deep work.

The only cure is


For the past couple of weeks and hopefully for a lifetime ahead I have been practicing with the Pomodoro Technique. It’s named after this Tomato Kitchen Timer below.

 Buy oneee :)

Buy oneee :)


The Idea of the technique is to use this kitchen timer (or our trusty cell phones - Just make sure you turn on airplane mode) to break down work time intervals. Traditionally 25 minutes in length.



M2M TiP: While you're in the 25m zone and a distracted thought pops into your head, write the thought down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget.  Get back to it once you’re done.
These techniques will help you dedicate more meaningful time to deep work, leading to much better results!~!

Lastly, life without constant  disruption allows us to live in the moment, notice what's going on around you. Let's fight for OUR time back, respond when your ready to respond!

   Breath deeply

Keep calm and Do not Disturb

When was the last time you felt most productive? What advice can you contribute to the rest of us?