Making Meaningful Connections


How often are we told to rehearse our elevator pitches just in case there comes that life changing moment when your lucky enough to share an elevator with that one person that could change your life path.  

What is't preached enough, is how do we in a minute or less make that meaningful connection. What can we say or do that will differentiate us from the heard. 

Three things to practice when meeting anyone for the first time

1. People love to talk about themselves

- asking how did you get where you are today, or what makes you unique are great ways to get them talking

-Think people before positions 

-Ask for advice, it allows the person your talking to to become an expert for a moment shifting ego to them and away from yourself.

2. Wear your values on your sleeve 

-What matters most to you, how can you show people who you really are

3.  Ask a meaningful question and of course ask for what you want

-Be intriguing - Ask something completely unexpected (what's going to catch someone off guard just enough for you to make an impression)

-Don't be afraid to ask for what you want! Rarely do people take the risk in asking for something outrageous. What's the worst that could happen, they say no and you move on? The sky is the limit!

Talk to someone you've never spoken with before, eat lunch with a stranger. I dare you!


Dylan Nunn