An Ode to Solo Travel

Step out of the zone of others expectations

Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others expectations" -Suzy Strutner


Until you've forced yourself to explore a new place completely on your own your lonesome I believe you don't know yourself. How will you act when your forced to figure out a new city, meet a new friend or figure out what there is to do on a Saturday night.  You get to wake up do what you want to do when you want and you don't have to wait for others. If you wait for others to book that ticket with you, you'll never go anywhere.

When you travel solo, instead of a vacation, your trip turns into an adventure.

It's absolutely true that solo travel isn't for everyone, however until you take the leap how will you know what your capable of.  

A note to women traveling alone: I understand how hard it is to take the risk and open yourself up to vulnerability while being alone. What I can recommend is start with a weekend trip, and work yourself up something major.  Be 150% more aware of your surroundings, especially when consuming alcohol. Have an exit plan,  If you feel uncomfortable, change your surroundings.  Be open to trying something new

This last January, while most of my friends had signed on for study abroad trips or had internships lined up.  The one thing I knew was that I needed to find a way to explore Cuba. After trying to convince friends, who found it difficult to commit, due to travel restrictions or any other reason, doubt creeped in. Until, out of nowhere I met a friend who introduced me to Miles Jackson, the founder of Cuba Skate. Cuba Skate is a non profit that's mission is threefold: bring skateboarding materials to the Cuban youth, renovate local skateparks, and create self-sufficiency for a group of skaters that rely tremendously on outside help. Through two-way cultural exchanges, they hope to connect Cubans with the international skate community.  During my trip I was honored to bring 50lbs of skate materials down to the country for them, meet the local Cuban youth and help them renovate the skate spot at Ciudad Libertad. 

Here is an edit I put together re-capping the journey. I hope it awakens the urge for you to take your first solo trip. 

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