Entering Your State of Flow

Flow State Tips by Gavin Pomerantz 

Compiled by Dylan Nunn

This post features a great friend and recent business partner of mine Gavin Pomerantz.

Gavin is what you would call a renaissance man, a person with many talents and areas of knowledge. Recently he and I have been doing all that we can to enter into a state of ultra productivity. A state in which we are fully immersed in energized focus where we feel full involvement and enjoyment in the process of the activity.  

Allowing ourselves to enter a state of deep work flow has been yielding massive benefits in just about every area we focus on. Below are the steps Gavin uses to get in the right mind state. 

~Where focus goes energy flows ~

Step 1: Plan Time and Prevent Interruptions

  • Don’t let anything interrupt the process
  • Set aside plenty of time
  • No multi-tasking

Step 2: Take Care of Your Environment

  • Eliminate negative influences
  • Productive noise
  • Temperature
  • Minimize discomfort
  • Minimize people around you
  • Minimize environmental triggers
  • Isolation

Step 3: Think About Enjoying The Process, Not The End Results

  • Give up expectations and focus on the process
  • Brings mental freedom, channeling the exploration mode
  • Focus on Process > immersion & concentration > results

Step 4: Monitor Your Emotional State

TIP: Feeling sluggish?

Step 5: Keep Moving, Keep Playing, Don’t Think: Just Do

  • Don’t give yourself time to think, just do and keep flowing
  • Action and momentum doesn’t allow you to second guess yourself
  • Pomodoro timer (25 min increments) 


Step 6: Create Rituals and Cues Around Your Flow State

  • Practice,practice, practice
  • Fine tuning
  • Create rituals that associate with your flow


Dylan Nunn