Finding Direction

Make the Commitment to Grow

As soon as you make that commitment to grow, realizations about yourself start flowing in, spurred by the good content you're actively seeking out. This is super powerful because when you're able to relate those messages to your personal life you will remember and retain that content much easier.  Challenge yourself to try read a book that you’ve heard about. Make learning a conscious practice. Do not wait for the life changing messages to be told to you all the time!

Each relentless step in that forward direction will get you closer to that lightbulb moment when you realize what you love doing and how that can make a living for yourself.  

→ Focus on your objectives - in my room I have my goals written on sticky notes on the windows so I know exactly what needs to be done and I see physically see the goals every day

→ Be relentless - start keeping score of how often you're able to complete what’s important

→ Be true to yourself - put head down and focus on the little dot at the end of the tunnel, every human being is different and every human being has unlimited potential

→  Dream big  then narrow the focus - Ask big questions and receive big answers

→ Embrace pressure - Set real deadlines for yourself, we work better in crunch time

One thing I’ve been doing since college has been collecting signatures/words of wisdom/positive phrases in little books that I often carry around with me. As I meet people in person, I often challenge them to write/draw something in these books. In the moment I’ve found that people absolutely LOVE sharing. Whether it’s words of advice, a quote they live by or just positive words this exercise pushes people to focus and think for a moment about how they live their life. I am someone who loves providing blank canvases for others to create on.  

The value is this exercise is taking a moment for reflection.  The realization is that there is always so much going on that it’s so fucking TAXING.  So next time I see you and ask for you to sign one of these little notebooks see it as a time to reflect on what means most to you. I cherish these notebooks and constantly refer back to them for inspiration.


Engaging with people is how I find my direction.

What tactic/tool do you have that helps you find direction? 


Dylan Nunn