The 30 - Day Goal Challenge.

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just feel like they have the potential to change your life? That’s one of the most special moments to me. In one instant you know that their message, lifestyle, and experiences will directly impact your direction.

This July I decided to challenge my friends and family to a 30-Day Personal Goal challenge. The reward: a free plane ticket to travel with me to another country and embark on a journey to host an event with my organization,Mettā Club. Our mission is to activate communities by organizing parties and events that bring people together while learning about environmental issues. A percentage of all of our proceeds are donated to local non-profits in the field.



The conditions for the challenge:

  • Set 3 personal goals and consult me to brainstorm and confirm that the goals were feasible, challenging and fair
  • Record a brief reflection video at the end of the 30 days to discuss what you learned, your progress and your set backs
  • Those who achieved their goals were entered into a raffle to win a free plane ticket and entrance to the next international Mettā Club event


The crew who helped put on Party with Purpose, Belize.

After posting a quick announcement on social, 30 of my friends and family made the commitment to share their goals with me. However, what I didn’t realize was how personal this experience would be for both of us. We talked about each other’s current circumstances in life, our problems, our struggles, and most importantly, our dreams. Everyone I talked to had aspirations of something larger than their current selves, what it came down to was committing to goals that in one month’s time could get some real momentum going.

We can’t help others or change the world to our greatest potential without reaching our highest potential first. In this challenge participants put this idea to practice. Through our own transformation we inspire others to do the same.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” — JFK

Through this challenge each one of us had to proactively take the time to craft and build our own vessels. We communicated through a Facebook group to share our stories and our tools for manifesting our own realities.

It’s hard to share what we really want in life but it all starts with being honest with ourselves and those around us. The vulnerability of just telling each other what we want most in life will bring us closer to that greater vision.

When I ask people, what would you do if money were no object? Their excitement inspires me to think, “how I can help them get there?”

Not only did this impulsive challenge impact my friends but I saw the impact spread to the people around them as well. It was amazing to witness this chain of effects.

My own three goals were to gain 5 pounds of body weight, read three books about business (12 Week Year, Expert Secrets, and Dotcom Secrets) and meditate for 20 minutes every day. However I learned very quickly that 5 pounds was way to ambitious so I committed to working out daily instead.

Out of the 30 participants 12 people completed the requirements and achieved things they did not think were possible!

So many people fueled me with inspiration. For instance, it was awesome to hear an old Delaware classmate of mine Sage Schwer went out and took steps toward starting her second-hand retro online clothing store aimed to encourage sustainable shopping. Isn’t that exciting?

My good friend Jules was fascinated by how much “you can change in your life in just a short amount of time”. In a month she woke up every morning before 9Am, traveled all around the US competing in professional rock climbing competitions, moved apartments and started two new side jobs.

The winner by random drawing, believe it or not, was my cousin Ian who read 4 massive books, sent me proof everyday that he was at the gym and journaled daily throughout the whole process.

Listening to the hopes and dreams of others and encouraging them in the matter of 30 days with a massive new opportunity to kickstart their life was killer.

Key takeaways from this experiment

  • Sharing your goals with a group of supportive and driven individuals can provide motivation and accountability
  • Set honest and realistic goals and break them into short term achievable tasks
  • Altering your goals because of extraneous circumstances may be necessary but you must be sure to maintain your commitment to grow
  • Don’t let yourself burn out — it is better to turn your flame down than to turn it all the way off
  • At the end of the day, the support of others is huge but no one except yourself can hold yourself accountable

Questions that stayed consistent.

What are you doing in your free time and is it moving you towards your dreams, your goals and your vision?
What’s been standing in your way or holding you back?
What do you need?
What does success look like for you 30-days from now?
How can you break down your goals into daily strategies and tasks that you can measure?
What problems may you encounter along the way?
What steps can you take to counteract these challenges?

This story is to encourage you to put your hope and faith in yourself and take action to become the best version of yourself.

My vision is to travel the world and benefit the environment while doing it. I want to share this vision with as many people as possible! While I will pay for the ride, this challenge is not for the faint hearted. Little to Ian’s knowledge the challenge hasn’t even started yet…

If you are driven and want to live a life of fulfilling experiences send me a line. Applications for the next challenge are open.

Special thanks to Rob Fajardo, Jules Jimreivat, Mckenzie Rafferty, Nicole Mandel, Kristina Kohler, Ian Marten, Kevin Hollingsworth, Ruairi Rhodes, Christina Eifert, Mathieu Leo, Ian Dowty Noah Klotz, Veronica Giolli, Sage Schwer for completing this 30-day Challenge beta :pray:

True growth and fulfillment comes from your contribution to others.