Natural Disasters Creating Conscious Awareness of Our Everyday Impact.

Co-written by Davis Pfund, aka The Musical Plant


It is an incredible time to be alive…

We can connect with our friends like never before, walk less than a mile to eat exotic foods from far away lands, we can listen to any kind of music we could imagine with the click of the button…

… and a great change is among us; people are once again becoming re-unitedwith the knowledge that we have forgotten over the years. This powerful knowledge of holistic life is allowing us to slowly break out of our bubble of illusionment to discover a more conscious way of life that will improve the natural world around us.

But change can be devastating to our systems and way of life. Natural disasters are occurring at an ever-increasing rate. That is why this Saturday, September 16th in Boston Massachusetts , we are hosting a benefit concert to raise money for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Our Earth is under a great amount of stress from our every-day habits of high-consumption and low-awareness. But not all hope is lost…

In order to persist taking steps in the right direction, we must continue to educate: to educate ourselves, our loved ones and even strangers on the street.

We can continue to continue our journey of self-informed awareness of our intimate relationship with the environment by reading books like “the green book” and websites like One Green Planet.

The other day, I heard someone say “Ignorance is bliss; I don’t see a change, so why should I change my way of living?” This reminded me of a science experiment that I learned about in grade school: when a frog is boiled very slowly, it does not notice until it is too late.

Fortunately, we as human beings, have the self-awareness and realization of our surroundings, and can see that natural disasters are a cry from our Earth, a warning that our beloved planet, one of the only planets we know to be able to sustain human life, is being attacked, and cannot continue to handle our current way of living.

Natural Geographic recently published a documentary called “Before The Flood”, co-executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, that embodies an incredible message with an uplifting ending, leaving the viewer’s spirit feeling positive and hopeful for the beautiful future that we can have if we start to work together as a human race.

So, what can we do?

We have our own recommendations on how to reduce our carbon footprint and to improve sustainability… but more importantly, we want to share information, so that you can make your own informed decisions.

Here are 7 simple things that you can do!

If you want to connect with a community of conscious, like minded people coming together to create change, consider attending a Mettā Makers event, and join us on our journey as we throw parties for the environment that inspire creators, innovators, trendsetters and activists to celebrate the opportunity to improve our communities.