Fern Place Inn; The move

This September I made the decision to move out of parents place into a new house. Although the move was approximately 100 steps from door to door... the move was practical and an experiment. I needed to make progress towards my vision and make a small change in my life to jumpstart a new way of thinking was the answer. 

I hope to teach people that it's the littlest actions that if we just put into motion can be the greatest motivators of growth. 

While I've lived on my own before, being on my own in DC after college felt more meaningful. These are our most creative years of life and I felt lost. I was distracted from designing my own life. 

My ultimate goal in moving out was to start the process in re-vamping the house and creating a space that is comfortable, conducive and collaborative. A space that inspires others to create, teach, learn and live more sustainably.

My gracious mother and I spent the first week of September on our hands and knees, cleaning the entire house. Along with 3 new roommates occupying the top floor of the house with me, I had the idea to rent a guest room on Air BnB. Doing this would allow me to spend more time at home to meet with guests and earn me a little extra income.  

Dylan NunnFernPlace, DC, HQ