Cultural Exchange Leads to Life Long Memories

You never know who might walk through the door 

November 2017 

When I received a message on airbnb that 辉 had booked a stay, I regarded it as just another guest looking for a affordable space in Washington DC. However I quickly learned that 辉 and her husband were arriving straight from China and spoke very little english.  After greeting them and showing them their room we entered in to our dining room where I pointed out an art piece on our wall that a previous guest Micha had painted for us.  

The next morning I was shocked to see that they fully understood how they could communicate with the house and I. 辉 and her husband were calligraphy artists back in China and were even traveling with their own special paint. I couldn't get over their amazing initiative to leave us with something that we would never forget.  For these guests to give up over 4 hours of their time to paint for a host they were paying to stay with, was truly a cultural abnormality.  While we couldn't speak each other's language, google translate proved a great way to communicate the details of the art piece. They told me that it illustrated a house built away city center in a beautiful garden.

We fully encourage any other artists to visit, and add to our eclectic space!   

Dylan Nunn